Clark Schreibeis - Biography

Biography Clark Schreibeis - Biography - Clark Schreibeis - Biography

Clark has spent hundreds of hours studying fish anatomy, color, habitat, as well as artistic composition and design. His training in these disciplines rekindled his desire to sculpt and he began to do carvings in wood depicting fish in their natural habitat.

Clark's first attempt at wood sculpture was a carved brown trout that won Best of Show at a taxidermy competition. A golden trout was his next subject which won Best of Show at the World Freshwater Fish Carving Championships in Traverse City, Michigan. Demonstrating his commitment to perfecting his artistic skills, he continues to win top honors at regional, national and world competitions

In 1995, 1997, 1999, 2007 and 2013 Clark won "Best in World" Fish Carving at the World Fish Carving Championships making him the only carver to ever win three consecutive World Fish Carving Championships and Judge`s Choice Best of Show five times."

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