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Biography Clark Schreibeis - Biography - Clark Schreibeis - Biography

In addition, he is the only carver to ever win "Best in World" (Best of Show) in three different divisions - decorative life size saltwater, decorative life size freshwater and natural finish fish. In 2001 and again in 2004, Clark has been making his presence known in the competitive world of bird carving by earning the award "2nd in the World" twice at the World Bird Carving Championships.

Clark, and his wife Erika, live outside of Billings, Montana and are blessed with three sons, a daughter and now 7 grandchildren as well. He owns and operates the Clark Schreibeis Wildlife Art Studio. Clark currently divides his time between sculpting in wood and bronze, judging wood and taxidermy competitions, as well as teaching carving classes in his studio and around the country.

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