Summer 2009

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Jake and Alicia on the bridge by our house -Summer 2009
Jake and Alicia on the bridge by our house

For a little family news, my oldest son Jake, who is 25 and an electrician, got married to a fine Canadian girl in February. Rika and I think she`s the perfect match for Jake and we couldn`t be happier for him. I have two other sons now playing football for Montana State and both are in the engineering program. Caleb is a red-shirt freshman, playing at defensive end and Joe is a senior and will be starting at tight end. We look forward to chasing those two around the country to their games again this fall.

Our daughter Erin, who will be an eighth grader next fall, is 5`-11" and still counting, loves to play basketball and that`s a great combination. She also keeps us hopping, going to all her sporting events. My wife Rika still works 4 days a week at the Cardiac Rehab dept. at our local hospital, keeps the household running smoothly and us all pointed in the right direction. I don`t know what I`d do without her.

In addition to my attempts to make a living as a woodcarver/sculptor/artist we live on an old farm and there is always work to be done. I don`t actually farm the place but between the maintenance of three buildings and hundreds of trees, and all the outdoor projects I keep dreaming up, it sometimes puts a major crimp in our fishing and hunting time. Now that most of my "slaves" have grown up and left home (a good reason to leave) I really need to tone it down a bit and not overwork and scare off my last remaining slave. (Erin)

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