Summer 2009

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No need for a shuttle with my new, unpatented, "Tow 'n Flow", self-sufficient, floating tow system -Summer 2009
No need for a shuttle with my new, unpatented, "Tow 'n Flow", self-sufficient, floating tow system

Anyway, we still find some time to get out and enjoy God`s creation here in Montana even though it seems I can never get enough. I love the mountains and rivers and even the remote rolling plains of eastern Montana. The state is huge and there`s a lot to explore. This summer, we hope to take at least one, 3-day backpacking trip to fish some of the high mountain lakes of the Beartooth Mountains in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and another extended canoe trip to float a remote stretch of the Judith River and explore the Judith River Breaks.

I`ve never floated this river before and I`m told there are Rainbows and Brooks in the upper reaches of the river and as it gets further from the mountains it develops into a great Sauger and Catfish fishery. I`m really looking forward to that canoe/camping and fishing/reference gathering trip and a lot of other one-day trips as well.

We live about a mile, as the crow flies, from the Yellowstone River and I float it whenever I can and sometimes I`ll take the hour and a half drive over to the Big Horn River where the fishing is usually good but it has a huge national reputation and sometimes you have to put up with a lot of fly lines whipping through the air. I take the canoe or the driftboat depending on who I`m with, what stretch of water it is and how we`re fishing. I just bought a new fly rod recently so I`m guessing I`ll be choosing the driftboat a little more this year in order to break-in the new rod.

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