Summer 2009

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Caught on my fly rod near Billings :o) -Summer 2009
Caught on my fly rod near Billings :o)

On the work front, I thankfully landed a unique job to start out 2009, carving two trout, a Brown and a Brook, for the new Cabela`s store here in Billings. They are both mature males in spawning colors, and that is not too unusual for me, but the fact that they are five feet long is! That`s right, five feet! Due to the logistics and difficulties of carving something that big out of wood, I opted to carve them out of high-density urethane foam. They hang over the entrance to the fly shop at the new store and they sure cause a lot of double takes and I`ve been getting a lot of positive feedback. I also carved a giant Rainbow and I am presently looking for a buyer. Know anyone that needs a five-foot Rainbow Trout?

About the time I was finishing up with those, in April I flew down to Kansas City, MO and was picked up by none other than my good friend, Don Frank, fish carver extraordinaire. A number of years ago, when this guy was faced with the task of carving several world record sized fish for Bass Pro Shops, he didn`t wimp out and resort to foam like someone else we know but grabbed the bull by the horns and carved wood! Old Don is the real deal and after tackling those three giant fish myself I gained a new respect and admiration for Don. Anyway we spent a day fishing for Crappie, and let`s just say it was interesting but a lot of fun.

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