Clark Schreibeis Workshops and Seminars!

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Bluegill carving class on paint day at Ronny "the Agin' Cajun" Leger's shop in Durham, California -Fish Wood Carving Classes and Workshops - Clark Schreibeis Workshops and Seminars!
Bluegill carving class on paint day at Ronny "the Agin' Cajun" Leger's shop in Durham, California

Clark offers two types of workshops at his Billings, MT studio; group and "one-on-one" See below:

Group Workshops at the Clark Schreibeis Wildlife Art Studio west of Billings

Group workshops in Clark`s studio are also "hands-on" and class sizes are usually small, providing plenty of individualized instruction. In all classes requiring an airbrush, you may bring and use your own or test-drive one of Clark's Badger 100G's or the new Renegade Velocity Jet for painting fine details. "Wildlife Colors" Brand acrylic airbrush paints will be used and provided by Clark or you may bring your own.

All carving bits and burrs used in the class will be available for purchase. To secure your place in a workshop, please send a $50.00 deposit to Clark Schreibeis Wildlife Art. Upon receiving the registration deposit, an informational packet will be sent out along with a suggested bit and tool list. Balance is due on the first day of class. If you have any questions just let Clark know.

The price for classes includes wood, paint, all materials such as glass eyes, paint schedules, all instructional materials and coffee/snacks. Major motel chains are within a 10-minute drive of the studio. Lunches will be provided for a fee and you are on your own for breakfast and dinner. RV`s and tents are welcome and you may use the bathroom and shower in the studio.

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